Thursday, 18 January 2007

Parliamentary Elections 2007 - Another Web Resource

Found a very useful website: Parliamentary Elections 2007.
“Parliamentary Elections 2007” is an initiative to implement public control over the election process, which was formed in participation of interested political parties, NGOs, other institutions of civil society and citizens. The initiative is open to all interested parties, who share the aims and subjects of the initiative and are ready to participate in solving these issues.
The site is run by the “Country of Laws” party, “European Democratic Movement”, “Institute of Democracy and European Integration” NGOs and “Iravunk” newspaper in the framework of civil initiative “For legitimate Elections”. As the resource is run by highly "oppositional" forces (although I have certain reservations about the "Country of Laws") I don't expect the site to be a highly professional or objective resource for covering the Elections 2007, but rather as an alternative viewpoint, which, along with initiatives like the - Decision 2007 and Onnik Krikoryan's 2007 Parliamentary Election Monitor should be able to balance the highly polarized Armenian media landscape, at least as regards the resources containing primarily English language content.

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