Thursday, 3 February 2011

Turkish hackers deface nearly 7000 websites in an anti-Armenian campaign

A group of Turkish hackers who call themselves “Turkish group of 1923” have launched a campaign against the international recognition of Armenian Genocide.

Armenian news sources say, that the group has attacked several international media and state-run official websites. They claim, that the hackers have declared, that they have defaced 6.713 websites and posted messages like “Don’t believe Armenians”, “America, you’re the author of the biggest genocide”, etc

The "1923Türk Group" as they call themselves, are a well known group of hackers, who are also known as the “Agd_Scorp / Peace Crew.”

They have also been involved in last year's Jewish-Turkish scandal as reported by the BBC.

I would also be very interested to know, if this group is in any way related to the recent attack on the server of Smart Systems web design company and hosting provider, which resulted in defacing 295 Armenian websites.
Read more about them here, here and here.

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  1. Do they plan to increase this number to 1.5 million website by 2015?