Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Facebook overtakes Odnoklassniki as Armenia's top social network

Facebook, the world's larges social network has just surpassed the highly popular Odnoklassniki.ru network by the amount of website traffic received in Armenia, according to Alexa.com.

Alexa.com measures the amount of traffic received, so the huge number of videos streamed on Facebook.com has certainly contributed to its high rank in traffic. Currently, Alexa.com data places Facebook.com ahead of Odnoklassniki.ru and Vkontakte.ru.

Facebook.com was long lagging behind both Odnoklassniki.ru and Vkontakte.ru even back in July, 2010, when I last took a look.

There has been "new blood" flowing into Facebook in recent months. The social network had 66,900 users in Armenia in July, and by the end of August it had 76,700 users. Thus, the growth has been close to 15 percent in a month.

Meanwhile, data should be approached with caution, because as the representative of Odnoklassniki.ru told Ditord.com, the Russian social network has close to 450,000 registered users in Armenia. For comparison, Vkontakte.ru shows the number of it's registered users to be 196,240.

So it seems, that while Facebook.com overtook both Russian networks in Armenia in terms of website traffic, it is still a long way to go to reach the number of reigistered users.

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