Friday, 10 September 2010

GALA TV's equipment broken by Prime Minister's Bodyguard

"GALA" TV's logo
Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan's spokesperson has offered an apology and announced that the loss of "GALA" TV company would be compensated, following an incident involving PM's bodyguard and a TV journalist during Sargsyan's September 7 visit to Artik town of Shirak region.

As "GALA" TV company informed YPC, when Tigran Sargsian passed near the journalists, the bodyguard pushed away Kristina Mkrtchian, snatched the microphone out of her hands and threw it on the ground.

The TV company known for its highly pro-opposition stance, said in a statement, that the incident was an impediment to the work of the journalist and stressed "the initially negative" attitude of the Prime Minister's personnel towards the shooting crew of the TV company. The statement also emphasized that after the incident "the employee of the Prime Minister's press service presented oral apologies" to the "GALA" journalist, "noting that the occurrence was on accident".

On the same day Aram Ananian, Assistant to RA Prime Minister, refuted the allegations of "GALA" on the impediment to the work of its shooting crew, stressing that the tripod of the microphone was broken as a result of the bodyguard's negligent actions.

The Assistant to RA Prime Minister also announced that the loss of "GALA" TV company would be compensated.

Source: YPC Newsletter

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