Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Passenger: Armenian-Azerbaijani cross-border documentary [RU]

Пассажир from eurasiaam on Vimeo.

This is a short documentary film made by Armenian and Azerbaijani journalists, Christina Vardanian and Framan Nabiyev. The film was produced withing the framework of the Eurasia Parnership Foundation's Media Bias project, which seeks to promote conflict resolution and eliminate bias in the media.
Clearly, the film had an objective of bringing in the "moderate" voices and not perpetuate nationalist feelings. Nevertheless, some of anti-Armenian and anti-Azerbaijani stuff came through the comments of the random passengers, who spoke to the taxi driver's in Yerevan and Baku, while listening to the music of the enemy and being shot by a hidden camera. This is not necissarily bad, because it made the film more real and true to life.

Interestingly, my cognition automatically neglected what the Armenians in the film had to say about Azeris, but two things an Azeri girl and an Azeri guy said, stuck in my mind.

"The people who create such music cannot be bad," the Azeri girl said.
"Armenia is a treacherous and cowardly country," the Azeri guy said.

What an amazing range of opinions!

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