Wednesday, 15 September 2010

UK's blogging Ambassador and VIP blogging in Armenia

Charles Lonsdale, British Ambassador to Armenia has started a blog, which he hopes to use to write about what the Embassy does, as well as "about some of the issues we don’t get to talk about so much in the media."

The Armenian blogosphere has seen a range of impressive entries, with prime ministers Serzh Sargsyan (now President) and Tigran Sargsyan leading the way, so the British Ambassador, first as he may be among ambassadors in Armenia, is not the first VIP we've seen.

Some common mistakes of high-profile bloggers so far have been lack of sincerity, too much boring official stuff, posting dumb press-releases and official videos and not enough interaction with bloggers.

Another issue is the fact, that bloggers don't take VIPs for equals, but rather as someone who they can turn to with complaints and requests.

"I also want to use the blog to highlight some of the connections and activities linking the UK and Armenia which too often get overlooked," Charles Lonsdale says in his first entry.

That's fair enough, and that could potentially be interesting. I'm not even aware of what are those overlooked 'connections and activities', so will be looking for posts on that. Overall, its important to point out, that UK's ambassador has so far only posted one entry, so we'll have to wait and see what else comes out of this initiative.

I'd be also interested to see how he handles attacks by Armenian Genocide campaigners and nationalists, when Armenian Genocide related issues are discussed in UK Parliament. They tend to be quite agressive...

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