Sunday, 17 October 2010

Unzipped: YouTube 'epidemics' in Armenia, new school abuse video emerged

After animal abuse, army abuse and school abuse videos that were widely distributed in Armenian online circles and subsequently reported by printed media and reacted by officials, putting evidence of irregularities on YouTube becoming increasingly THE way of exposing things in Armenia.

It’s not even a week passed since the video exposing physical and verbal abuse at one of the most prestigious schools in capital Yerevan was resulted in effective dismissal of the teacher and pledges from the Ministry of Education to “do everything possible to safeguard the rights of children”, and prevent such cases in future.

Perhaps being encouraged by its effectiveness, yesterday new video emerged showing teacher’s physical abuse towards pupils (YouTube link). I have to admit, my first impression was that students making fun of teacher, as the video clearly shows that they are laughing at and enjoying the recording experience.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that this may be set up by pupils, there are no excuses for teacher to behave like that.

Video was uploaded on 14 October 2010 and does not provide any description.

However, a Facebook friend of mine says that his brother saw this video before and recognised his former teacher. According to him, the video was made in school No. 129, and the teacher’s name is Lena Abgaryan.

Now if only those who put the videos on YouTube learn writing appropriate titles and description, and put relevant labels...

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