Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Hypocracy in Action... Anti-Election Observation Campaign of RA Government

Armenian authorities undertook two important steps, obviously geared towards achieving maximum transparency at the Parliamentary Elections 2007 in Armenia, scheduled for May 12, 2007. As you can see there are only 2251 hours, or 93 days remaining till the election, so I guess it was still too early for Mr. Goran Lenmark, special envoy on Nagorno Karabakh issue at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly to try and meet the Armenian President Robert Kocharian in order to discuss the OSCE observation mission to be deployed in Armenia (why does Mr. Lenmark need to see Mr. Kocharian so early for? He doesn't need to discuss any organizational details for deploying over a hundred-people strong international monitoring mission and arranging all the logistics, etc, right? It's something that can be done overnight, so there's no rush). And I guess it is still too early for Armenian NGOs to try and register as local monitoring missions to the election, isn't it? Obviously Armenian authorities thought the same, because:
a/ "It is noteworthy that Lenmark’s meeting with RA President Robert Kocharyan didn’t take place as “the president wasn’t in Yerevan” in Lenmark’s words." - as A1plus reported yesterday.
b/ Central Electoral Comission rejected the bid for the "Supreme Committee" parliamentary club NGO to register a local monitoring mission to the elections (via RL/RFE)
I don't want to analyze the details of why each of these two things happened. The fact is in an environment, where the authorities are constantly speaking of transparency of elections you just don't treat observation missions like that. The fact is transparency, unobstructed access for everybody to see, monitor and contribute to the elections is one and only way to excersize Democracy, to have, as they are saying here in the UK "Democracy in Action". What I'm seeing at this point is more like "Hypocracy in Action..."

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