Friday, 19 November 2010

Armenia is 110th with 0% of Tweets

"A World of Tweets", specialized website which puts together Twitter statistics with geography reveals, that Armenia is the 110th among 211 countries which have twitted since it went live on November 1st. Sadly, the website doesn't offer any other statistics. However, given the size of Armenia's population and the small number of active twitterers that I have come to know about, 110th place is not bad at all.

To give you a little more context, check out my list of Top 10 social networks in Armenia, where Twitter is not even in the list, because when I was checking statistics and traffic reports, it was way behind most other social networks.

More on the "A World of Tweets": Simply put the website shows where people are tweeting at from the past hour. The more tweets there are from a specific region, the "hotter" or redder it becomes.

This continuous collection of Twitter statuses also allows for the presentation of other interesting visuals as well as statistical and historical data about the tweeting world we live in. Through the activity of Twitter users it is possible to tailor a new map of the world that evolves during the day according to the timezones and the spreading of mobile technologies.

Below is another chart, showing the top 20 twitting countries. The U.S.A. comes first, UK comes 3rd, and surprisingly for me - Indonesia comes 3rd.

Check out the website here, and big thank you, @Reporter_Arm, for the link to this amazing site.

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