Sunday, 7 November 2010

Jack PC - the computer in/on the wall

The Jack PC thin-client desktop computing solution puts all the end-user computing power i...

The Jack PC from Chip PC Technologies offers a neat and novel thin-client desktop computing solution where the computer doesn't just plug into the wall, it is the plug in the wall. Running on power provided by the ethernet cable that also connects it to the data center server, the computer-in-a-wall-socket supports wireless connectivity, has dual display capabilities and runs on the RISC processor architecture – which gives the solution the equivalent of 1.2GHz of x86 processing power.

Jack PC technology enables the conversion of any standard LAN port into a desktop computer solution. The patented modular layered construction is claimed to give the device the world's smallest thin-client core and comes with either a 333MHz (800MHz x86 equivalent) or a 500MHz (1.2GHz x86 equivalent) RMI Au processor. There's also up to 256MB disk-on-chip storage , which may not seem like much, but most of the data storage needs will be taken care of by the data center. Similarly, the onboard memory options run from 64MB to 128MB DDR.

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