Friday, 5 November 2010

“Armnet Awards” Competition Has Started!


I’m usually quite skeptical about various competitions and was even more skeptical about “Armnet Awards”, when the organizers declared, that it’s the first competition of Armenian Web sites, I discarded it as plain silly. Today, however, I received an email from Avetis Avagian, the owner of rating portal, my Twitter friend and a person whom I trust. The message changed my attitude towards the Armnet Awards, so I decided to share it with you too.

I'm not going to repeat all what is already said on the Site. I will just highlight some important points:

It is not the first Armenian Web Sites competition, as it was mentioned in few places – it is actually the 5th one if counting only big ones. In the same time, there are some elements in this competition, which are unique – they are introduced in Armenia for the first time. For example – public voting.

If you have a Web Site, which is related to Armenia – I encourage you to register it at the competition Web Site before 10th of November 2010 (read the rules and other related info there). There are chances that registration deadline may be extended, but do not rely on this.

Right after the registration period is over and registration is closed (10th of November) public voting will start. Public voting will last till 30th of November. Site which gets the most votes in this stage is the "People's choice" award winner.

Top 75 Sites will pass to the second stage, in which jury will vote on each and every Site. There will be one winner per each category. There will be also few more special awards like Orange's award for best mobile Web Site – see details on the award Site.

Lastly, as this may concern many, I will brief on the "conflict of interests" amongst the jury and organizers. The same way it was done during the e-Content competitions the following two agreements had been reached between all jury members and organizers (this is about the second stage):

1. Jury member affiliated with a Web Site under the review is not voting on it – s/he skips it. This is happening in transparent manner – jury members see all votes done by other jury members and may request cancellation of the vote if affiliation is identified.

2. If jury member scores a Web Site too high or too low other jury members may request an justification (and believe me they will) for such a hi/low score.

That's it for the moment. The dates of final ceremony as well as some additional information will additionally follow.

Good luck!
Avetis Avagyan


  1. What about the UNDP '98 SARD awards? :)

  2. Yeah, I remember those. My friend - Sergeh Shahparonian, won the award for his website -

  3. @Katy You are right - SARD was the first one, but just a small correction: it was in 1999. There were three eContent-s after that so with SARD it is 4 making the new one effectively the 5th. :-)

    Well, there were even few more - I recall one organized by Project Harmony among the schools and even more, but these were quite specialized.

  4. I also remember it well - I got three awards for former ArmScape. But the absolute winner was Vahan Yerkanyan - he got 5 or so awards. :-)

  5. I have my SARD t-shirt still.

  6. Then your family name is Pearce, I guess. :-)