Friday, 5 November 2010

Wordpress Celebrates 1 Million Mobile Users

WordPress now has 1 Million mobile users - Thank you for all your support so far!
Wordpress, one of the world's largest blogging services (maybe the largest after partnering with Microsoft Live Spaces) has just passed 1 million mobile users mark across all platforms. 
My favorite blogging platform launched the first version of the WordPress mobile blogging app for the first-generation iPhone back in 2008. 

Since then, other platforms were added, including BlackBerry and Android. Today Wordpress has also announced expansion to Nokiasmart phones, as well.

"We just passed 1 million mobile users across all platforms, which is not only a huge landmark for us, but for mobile blogging altogether. Cell phones are becoming our new personal computers, always with us and always ready when something needs blogging about," Automattic's (Wordpress' parent company) Isaac Keyet, who works with Mobile Projects has posted in Just Another WordPress Weblog.

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