Monday, 22 November 2010

Armenian Journalists Temporarily Detained in Kars

In the city of Kars, Turkey, at 1 pm on Nov. 19, the staff of GALA TV were detained by local national security service officers.

While filming one of the districts populated by Armenians in the past, GALA staff were approached by a few plainclothes national security service officers who prohibited them from filming. Then, they directed the five-member GALA team to the police division with the aim of inspecting their ID and relevant documentation.

The officers informed the GALA team that without the necessary permission, they had no right to film in Kars and in Turkey, in general. The GALA staff countered that it wasn't possible to receive permission because during the Bayram (Eid ul-Fitr) holidays it was actually impossible to locate and contact any state officials.

After the group complained there were no grounds for keeping them, the officers, checking the GALA employees' passport details and the legality of their entering the country, let them go, asking them to cease future filming.