Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Armenian News Aggregator Launched

A system of automatic processing and systematization of Armenian news websites has been launched on Tuesday.

MediaGid aggregates information in Armenian, Russian and English from the XML feeds of several partner news services and online news websites. It also allows to add more sources if their XML feeds (RSS) fit certain technical requirements.

The good thing about it, is MediaGid doesn't attempt to steal visitors from the existing news websites, but tries to drive traffic to them instead, by only posting the title and the lead of news stories.

MediaGid groups news stories by topics, somewhat like Google News or its Russian clone Yandex News are doing.

The website also features a popularity index, which is kind of cool. It shows the popularity in the news of certain personas, politicians, companies, etc.

The website visitors will have access to the search engine, archive, weather forecast as well as currency rates.

MediaGid's design is somewhat ugly to my taste and for some mysterious reason, it opens up on the Russian page first, which doesn't make sense, as this site is only useful for Armenians.

However, it is an interesting undertaking at this point, so I really want it to succeed.

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