Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Facebook has left Yahoo behind

Facebook has become the 3rd largest website in the world according to new metrics from comScore. It has finally passed Yahoo for third place, pulling in 648 million unique visitors for November 2010 versus Yahoo's 630 million, PC Mag says.

Only Microsoft, with 869 million unique visitors, and Google, with 970 million, stand on Facebook's way at this point. Yahoo drops down to fourth, though that should really come as little surprise--Facebook has been chipping away at the search giant for some time now.

But when it comes to getting people to watch online videos from media sites Facebook is No 2, TechChurch reports. Google remains the largest source of outside traffic, but Facebook has passed Bing and Yahoo according to a report on Online Video & The Media Industry.

In Armenia popularity of Facebook is growing, and Facebook closes the year 2010 with almost 105.000 users from Armenia.

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