Thursday, 20 October 2011

How Not To Be A Journalist has published an interesting letter which they say came from a journalist naimed Naida Azizova, who claims to be a RTTV correspondent based in Washington DC.
When I first read it, it seemed like a joke. Here are some extracts from the letter:
I am currently working on a story from Baltimore and need some help. 
So, here is what I need: ideally some black family surviving on food stamps with no prospects for a brighter future (no money to send the kids to a college, no money to buy a descent house). Or, in other words people on the edge. I basically would need those, who are a third generation living in the US, probably with some criminal records (for stealing, selling drugs, violence, prostitution etc). I mean, the guys who has little option to prosper due to them being born, as they say, “in a wrong family.” Also a social worker, who knows the situation on the ground, who meets with the people on daily basis is needed. I am also looking for Melvin Williams, an ex-drug dealer who served his time in prison for the crime and later on switched sides. He also appeared in The Wires episodes by HBO (must be a well-known person in your area). His comment would contribute greatly to my story. And, finally, the Wires producer David Simon is wanted.

So she basically is asking for the to do all her job for her? Yeah - right!

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