Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Brainwashing via Terrorizing... Armenian approach vs. US approach

In this video Naom Chomski speaks about the US technique of terrorizing the nation in order to retain power of the president. We have all seen the example of George W. Bush and his Afganistan/Iraq (probably also Iran) campaigns - so even if your connection does not allow to view the videos, that's roughly what its about.

On my side, I want to add something strange I've noticed: Armenian authorities are persuading the US, OSCE, etc. that unless they are re-elected, unless the Kocharian regime is continued, the Karabakh problem won't be solved... I mean - Kocharian is just brilliant. He has taken the well known American PR technique of retaining power by terrifying the population by various horrible threats: Communits, Nuclear Bombs, Terrorists, etc... and using it onto the inventors of the technique - the US and the OSCE! I don't even know how to react - laugh or cry!

The real reason I started this post was this article by Emil Danielyan, and especially this section from it:
[...]Yerevan may also have reason not to be worried about negative Western reaction to a repeat of serious vote irregularities, despite stern election-related warnings issued by the United States and the European Union. According to U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Bryza, Armenia and Azerbaijan are “very close” to reaching a long-awaited agreement to end the Karabakh conflict after the upcoming Armenian polls. The conflicting parties have been discussing a gradual settlement of the conflict that presumably requires policy continuity in both Baku and Yerevan. Assuming that they really see a chance for Karabakh peace this year, Western powers and Washington in particular will hardly challenge the legitimacy of a government that they hope will help to eliminate the main source of instability in the South Caucasus.[...]

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