Tuesday, 6 March 2007

War in Iraq, potential war in Iran - its all about money!

...and you know that! Everyone does! And you know that they will struck Iran soon... they got 133.3 Billion BBL (2005 Est.) reasons for that... and believe me, this has nothing to do with nuclear power, terrorism or lack of democracy in Iran.

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  1. Mumia Abu-Jamal is an international journalist and an activist who has been on death row. Because his case captured the world attention and because everybody could see the political motivation behind his inprisonment, his sentence has been overturned into a life inprisonment. Every now and then he still manages to get information in and out of the prison - like this radion commentary.

    In this commentary he is mentioning the figure of $30/barrel, while the price for crude oil has more then doubled since then.

    Marx spoke of these "future" wars. He said that the time will come when the world resources will be so scarce that the military superpowers will be fighting wars over them. At the time rationalists and neo-classical economists laughed at Marx's profecy. Marx argued that this future period of wars over resources will be also the period when the internal contraditions of every society will come to surface and there will no longer be possible to hide (because capitalism cultivates and develops efficient information channels, which ordinary people can have access to -- Internet?). It is in this period and not before, that the revolution will be possible. Anarcists agreed with this theoretical perspective, while Lenin disagreed. Lenin believed that it is possible to jump-start a revolution prematurely even in a country which is agrarian and has no developed worker-organization culture; and impose communism through 1 party control.

    So, lets' look at the world today. World economy and especially American economy is addicted to oil. Without it economic growth is not possible. Without a cheap oil supply producing internationally competitive goods is not possible.

    Communism was process that helped Russia and China and former Soviet countries to organise themselves in such a way that their productive forces would be utilised in the matter that helps the country as a whole grow at a comparatively much faster way then the capitalist economies, where the profits of the enterpreneur (and not the community) are the purpose of production. And so, if China and Russia as well as countries like Armenia were nothing but backward agrarian countries, in a relatively short period of time they managed to develop an internationally competitive industrial sectors.

    Capitalists hated this - because in the long-run that meant that unless communist mode of production would stop, the communist industries would drive the Capitalists out of the international markets and out of the business.

    It didn't appear so on the surface and it was indeed a very repressive regime, but Communism, in my oppinion, was a positive stage in the development of indistries, culture, arts and especially Science in Armenia -- without Communism (if we were not conquered by Turkey), we would not be able to progreess in so many faculties and at such a fast pace -- we would be just as poor and underdeveloped as Afghanistan or the Kurdish regions in Turkey.

    After Communism's collapse, all these countries like China and Russia inherited the industries and the industrious culture of the communist era. It is because of this that China is growing at such an unstopable rate. And it needs oil to keep growing (china was already getting into favourable oil-deals with Saddam). If it keept growing at such a rate, then in 5 years time it would be China and not the USA who will be number 1 economy in the world!!! Are you catching my drift??? IT'S A FIGHT TO THE DEATH! and they are very serious about it! They have temporarily slowed China down, driving the world oil prices sharpy up to $74/barrel. But then Comrade Hugo Chavez and that "Nutter" Ahmadinejad from Iran step in and say "We'll suppy oil to China". America can't afford to see China become number 1 economy in the world. And they definitely don't want to see former soviet economies like Armenia to utilize their industries inherited from the soviet era (because that would empower the people and the workers and you know what that would mean, right?...) -- so the Imperialists do everything to debiliate these economies and make them dependent on foreign Capital: they open all kinds of NGOs and small offices which do small insignificant and meaningless work, while nothing new of a real value is being produced.

    Here read this http://azat.wordpress.com/2007/02/23/armenia%e2%80%99s-place-in-contemporary-world/

    It's a fight to the death on a global scale! And Armenia is right in the middle of it. Ultimately it is up to us to take our autonomy and industrial power into people's control.

    History is of our making.