Sunday, 25 February 2007

Accountability Now

Great governments of great countries make great promises to their voters, and have greater and more visible failures. The small governments of the small countries make smaller promises - and have smaller failures... The government of Armenia doesn't really promise anything. They give all there is to give to the voter before the elections - and that is 1000-2000 AMD. They buy themselves out of accountability. When a voter gets paid for voting, the social responsibility of the paying side to enter into a contractual relationship, govern on behalf of the voter vanishes. That is exactly why the American people can afford to call their government to account, and we - Armenians, can't...

Accountability is perhaps one of the greatest problems in every country. Construction of a Civil Society capable of holding the government to account is an even greater problem. But maybe one day these problems will find a solution in Armenia as well? Who knows!


  1. Democracy means nothing!
    It's just another system of control.

    Civil Society in Capitalist countries is owned and controlled by the Capitalist elite.

    There were times when Students, Intellectuals and artists were the progressive force of a given society. Now that role is monopolised by the Journalistic mode of enquiry, which, suspiciously enough, repeatedly lands on Liberalist or Neo-Liberalist conclusions.

    the concept of INTEREST is a powerful Key that can unlock many doors (even the ones we never suspected were there).

  2. Hold on! I think I don't quite understand... are you saying, that in Armenia we shouldn't count on Civil Society or Journalists to keep the people in power accountable?

    If yes - what other mechanism are you proposing?

  3. I can't agree with you kronstadt.

    Democracy means something.
    Maybe not full freedom.

    But it's the less worse system.

    So it's worth fighting for.