Monday, 26 February 2007

Armenian Blog Catalogue

Dear Bloggers,

I have put together this little catalogue of blog links at the wikipedia: and was planning to keep it secret until putting as many entries as possible, but since Bekaisa, Followtheway and ALS Movement have discovered and made it public I officially announce the catalogue open.

From this moment on - it is yours to modify, add, delete, etc. I will be watching out at the changes and adding more entries as time goes on - but - there is a huge Armenian blogging community already - 59 entries on my catalogue alone! And I see that there is at least 100 more to add… so don’t expect me to add all of them - if you see your blog is not there - add it yourself, or at least post the URL and the description you would like about it here in the comments section.

Keep blogging, its fun!


Observer - Angry Root


  1. One of Wiki admins has deleted the page

    One of the Wiki admins has deleted the page. I have the backup and can restore it, but at this point I think it is useful to reflect - do we really need such a catalogue?

  2. Restored the Wiki article and made major changes. Still not sure if I'm doing a useful thing or not... some of the Livejournal users seemed pretty reluctant to be linked to in the catalogue, however, everyone not wanting to see their blog in there can easily delete it...

  3. kovtPeople, the idea of this catalogue is very good it can be very usefull. Our company lanched its blog and publishes ther our articles regading tax and labour legislation, so the business can be interested. We are not doing Marketing for that blog, and who will know from business about that if there is no such catalogue.