Thursday, 1 March 2007

Transparency Armenia gives up on RA Anti-Corruption Strategy Monitoring Commission

Imitation has been the main working style of Armenia's current administration: imitation of democracy, imitation of electoral process, imitation of coalition, imitation of free market, imitation of anti-corruption strategy... The news from Transparency Armenia about resigning from the RA Anti-Corruption Strategy Monitoring Commission comes to prove just that - after a conversation with fellow-blogger Onnik Krikoryan I am convinced, that Transparency Armenia have decided to quit playing along the imitation game with the government.

The Chairwoman of the Center for Regional Development /Transparency International Armenia resigned from RA Anti-Corruption Strategy Monitoring Commission under RA Anti-Corruption Council on February 20 this year, and hereby informed the heads of both the abovementioned structures, namely RA Prime Minister A. Margaryan and Assistant to RA President G. Mheryan. Via

The worst part of the whole story is that even this "imitation politics" is an imitation! These guys couldn't think of it themselves, so they imitated the "imitation politics" in Russia... Looking at the video below, from Transparency International, marking Global Anti-Corruption Day 2006 - I ask to myself again and again: so what are we going to to about it?

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Producer: Tim Francis
Production: Media Trust
Coordinator: Jesse Garcia

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