Monday, 13 December 2010

Armenian Media Close to Being Considered 'Not Free'

The Armenian media is on the border of moving from "partly free" to "not free", according to the findings of a sociological study carried out by the Committee for the Protection of Freedom of Expression, Aug.–Sept. 2010.

The study was carried out in order to determine the level of freedom that Armenian media possess, taking into account the influence of legal, political, and economic factors.

Presenting the findings to journalists today, Freedom of Speech NGO President Ashot Melikyan and sociologist Vardan Grigoryan noted that 50 experts took part in the survey based on the methodology of the international organization Freedom House. Those questioned included independent experts, as well as directors of media agencies and members of the press.

Armenian media is considered economically "not free," according to Melikyan and Grigoryan. The economic and political environment are the least favorable for ensuring free media, while the legal framework was qualified by the exaperts as 'average'.

"The level of freedom for Armenian media was very close to being considered "not free," Melikian said, Melikyan, explaining that news agencies feel the influence of this or that political party or group and their observations are related to political views.

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