Friday, 10 December 2010

Yerevan's Mayor Gagik Beglarian Resigns and Quits Blogging

Gagik Beglarian's blog before closure
Following his scandalous resignation over beating a presidential aide, Yerevan's Mayor Gagik Beglarian has closed his blog, which was opened last year ahead of May 2009 municipal elections in Yerevan which had ensured his position as mayor for 4 years.

Following a hint from Reporter_Arm on Twitter, I went to Beglarian's blog today, only to find that it "was marked private by its owner."

Too bad, we'd be really interested in reading ex-Mayor's thoughts on his resignation.

On a more serious note, while in the resent months the blog only served to publish official press-releases, in the pre-campaign period in May 2009 it was operating as a best example of political blogging, Beglarian was actually interacting with voters, answering questions.

One thing that's certianly positive, is that the blog wasn't deleted, but only marked private. Perhaps that means, that the ex-mayor thinks of returning back to politics?


  1. It's been closed since the end of August.

  2. Thanks, I just found out about it now, via Reporter_Arm :))

  3. He probably predicted his resignation back in August? :)