Monday, 6 December 2010

Get off Facebook and have a Sleep!

More than 70% of British adults check social network sites before kissing Good night and turning the lights off. Furthermore, according to a study commissioned by hotel giant Travelodge shows that 18% of them send a daily night-time tweet to their followers. The average amount of time spent on social networks while between the sheets is 16 minutes.

The research also found that as well as social networking, a quarter of Britons do their weekly grocery shopping between the sheets. One in 10 adults pays the bills online before nodding off and 35% of people catch up on the latest celebrity gossip. It also revealed that 84% of adults use their mobile phone to wake themselves up in the mornings.

The survey involved 6,000 adults in the UK. Experts have warned the online activity performed from bed is affecting people’s sleep.

“Being exposed to bright light from computer and mobile phone screens while in bed completely delays the brain and body’s ability to get to sleep. As a result, people are not able to get to sleep as quickly as they should and aren’t getting the required amount of sleep they need each night”, sleep specialist Dr Michael Hastings told Press Association.

The specialists advice to turn off the gadgets at night and turn to good old books for a decent sleep.

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