Thursday, 2 December 2010

YouTube's Leanback: Totally Cool TV Experience!

I've been playing around a little bit with YouTube's Leanback service - the simple, easy-to-use YouTube interface for the big screen and I love it. You have to try it right now if you haven't yet.
There's a YouTube Remote to go with it, which let’s you control your YouTube Leanback experience from your Android mobile phone. It also has a feature called Personalized Channels, which let's you create channels based on keywords.

What I appreciated most, is the easy access to my playlists and favorites. 

One thing I'd like to have, is the ability to type the address of a YouTube channel I like, e.g. A1plus or Azatutyunradio and get their videos with ability to sort through their date of upload, popularity, etc and play in this or that order. I could get their videos of course, but it takes time.

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