Sunday, 23 January 2011

Facebook passes 600 million users!

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg speaks during a Facebook Ads Event,
 New York, Nov. 6, 2007
The worlds largest social network shot right through yet another milestone this week, passing the 600 million users mark! The statistics section of, a website dedicated to Facebook statistics, is currently showing that number reaching 610,7 million users.

Top 10 countries by the number of registered Facebook users.
Data from
It hasn’t even been 6 months since Facebook announced the 500 million user level, and now Facebook is bigger by another 100 million users, it is hasn't even noticed this new growth yet, their official statistics page is still displaying the 500 million figure. So where do all these people come from? Check out the table on the left for top ten facebooker countries.

Armenia is only 124th in the list of 213 countries by number of Facebook users, but the social network continued very strong growth by doubling the number of Armenian users in the course of the past 6 months. Currently there are 120,000 users registered from Armenia. It is important to note, that the number of Facebook's Armenian users worldwide is much bigger, because the tracking of users is done based on IP number ranges and is limited by geography, not nationality.
Growth of Facebook users in Armenia according to

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