Thursday, 20 January 2011

YouTube launches New homepage to all users

I have been using the New YouTube Homepage for some time now and found it very useful, if I keep the number of my subscriptions low and relevant. As I'm a news junkie, I guest Associated Press, Reuters, BBC and AlJazeera videaos first, followed by Azatutyun Radio and A1+ stuff. So while in the past I practically never looked at my YouTube Homepage, which was displayed after logging into the site, now I increasingly find myself spending more time there.

Today YouTube announced, that they are launching the new homepage for all their users. Below are some of the keay new features:

  • Increased focus on videos that matter to you (subscriptions, friend's sharing, recommendations)
  • You can easily filter your homepage to show only the latest uploads from your subscriptions
  • Don't miss anything; if a channel uploads four videos in a day, you’ll see all four - instead of just the latest video
  • Quick access to the inbox when you have new messages or comments
  • Knows what you have seen (videos you've watched are grayed out)
  • Remove any video (hover and click the "x" button)

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